Turning It Around by Davis W. Morton

TURNING IT AROUND / 1992 / oil on canvas / 20" x 30"  SOLD... Read a painting comment below...

      On Sunday afternoons I used to go to the Potomac Polo Club in Poolesville, Maryland. There, rather than watching the game itself, I was watching “The Charge of the Light Brigade,” Dragoons and Cossacks, Indians and Cowboys. To me, it seemed that Polo was where the Cavalry went after it disappeared.  In my paintings I am also using the sport to represent the game of life, where the ball that we are always chasing is providence or fate.
     In my mind the subject of “Turning It Around” is not the futility of this chase. It's about keeping the flexibility I will need if I want to keep on playing. In this painting, the younger man on the younger horse is the first to begin his turn. Now that I find myself firmly mounted on the older horse, the greatest obstacle that could keep me from the ball isn't getting older it's becoming set in my own ways.