Endgame by Davis W. Morton

ENDGAME / 1992 / oil on canvas / 24" x 30"  SOLD... Read a painting comment below...

      Throughout the year, regardless of the weather, chess players from every walk of life play their game on Dupont Circle in Washington, DC. In my chess paintings I use the game to represent what it already represents, the game of living.
     In the “Endgame” of any endeavor, there is always an instant or a moment when we know for certain that the game is won or lost. In this painting, one man has just made the move that will win the game no matter what his opponent does. But until the game is won, he resists the false security that even a smile might bring. The other man makes no effort to hide his reaction as the knowledge of his fate runs him over, like the “DC Transit” bus.
     Although some of the strongest players in this game may be famous for their tantrums when they lose, they are not the wisest players in the game that their game represents. When growth and learning is the "Endgame" we are after, playing someone we can beat will only feed our ego not the goal. From this perspective, both in chess and life, the loser can most often be the winner and vice versa.