My Dreamscape Paintings

      In a reoccurring dream, I'm always driving somewhere in a car until I somehow end up walking. Then when my feet hurt so much I can't continue, I realize that I forgot my shoes again and that's when I wake up. Although the imagery in this simple dream can't compete with the fantastic imagery of surrealism, what kind of imagery do we actually see in dreams? And beyond our dreams just being weird or entertaining, isn't our subconscious mind trying to tell us something?                    
     From that perspective, my reoccurring dream is far from simple. Where do I want me to go? And why do I always keep myself from getting there? It seems these are the kind of questions my dream wants me to ask until I find out what that other part of me is trying to say. Then beyond wondering, how I could have unknowingly created this complex puzzle that the other me can't solve, there are other questions that defy any kind of logic. What part of me could have created a dream two years ago that literally came last week?
     In my Dreamscape paintings, I paint the way I dream with soft distortions and muted sounds instead of screams. For me, theatrics only covers up the genuine mystery of our dreams, diluting the heart of what they have to offer. Dreams can also give us a glimpse of our potential to see beyond the tawdry part of our reality that we created. In these paintings there are no embedded interpretations to discover; instead I'd like the viewers to feel like dreamers who are lost in the act of looking for mysteries and meanings of their own.

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