Clyde's Early Meeting by Davis W. Morton

CLYDE'S: EARLY MEETING / 1994 / oil on canvas / 30" x 40"  SOLD... Read a painting comment below...

      In the Washington, DC area the name “Clyde’s” conjures up the image of an empire of restaurants and bars. This painting is of the original Clyde’s, that opened on M street in Georgetown over 40 years ago.
     With the great success of the original, all of the other Clyde’s owned restaurants that came later have been very elegant. No expense has been spared creating different atmospheres or following different themes. But no atmosphere or theme created by any decorator could ever compete with an atmosphere that was shaped by time itself.
      Clyde’s was the template for what has become the classic Georgetown bar. When this painting was done, the restaurant still somehow retained the ghost of that early spirit, before the empire, when Clyde’s was the bar to go to in DC.