Fisher's Popcorn by Davis Morton

FISHERS POPCORN / 1999 / oil on canvas / 18" x 24"  SOLD... Read a painting comment below...

      Ocean City, Maryland is probably the most popular beach resort for people both in the Washington, DC and the Baltimore areas.  Although “Thrasher’s French Fries” is perhaps the best known snack tradition in Ocean City, for some, “Fisher’s Popcorn” may share a similar renown.
     From my perspective, just walking by, the people in this painting were only Mr. and Mrs. Fisher’s Popcorn.  They were the last props of the day from the magic boardwalk carnival that will completely disappear when the lights go out at Fisher’s Popcorn.  Then the boardwalk will become a very different place, full of muffled sounds and people shuffling by with no apparent destination.
     In my painting the lights stay on at Fisher’s Popcorn, and  Mr. and Mrs. Fisher turn into individuals. Following the same tradition for countless years, they may be working together but they are cleaning and sweeping in different worlds. Was it his glory days that made him come to the beach to stay? Does she ever think about the dreams she had in high school? There are endless questions.