The Round Table: Amy's Friends by Davis W. Morton

ROUND TABLE#1: AMY'S FRIENDS / 1999 / oil on canvas / 24" x 33"  SOLD... Read a painting comment below...

      For almost 40 years late-night people in Maryland would race across the DC line to make “last call” at the Round Table Restaurant. This is what Amy and her friends did when the bar where they worked closed.
     The end of their day is being spent in the same spot where other people, 30 years before, might have talked about Viet Nam or Nixon. Although those subjects would sound foreign to her, Amy would have fit right in with the general conversation, and the mating game back then would not be unfamiliar. If she could go back in time, those other people from years ago also would have been Amy’s friends, and soon like them, she will be saying, “Oh yeah, the Round Table, I used to go there too.”
     In my painting, this warp in time is occurring. On the left, Teresa looks directly at the viewer as if she wants to tell us something. Then on the right, in the magic of the mirror, her reflection has been altered so Teresa can join Amy at another table. There they both sit facing Amy’s other friends, who have left the painting and the Round Table forever.