Birdsaw Island by Davis W. Morton

BIRDSAW ISLAND / 1999 / oil on canvas / 12" x 18"  SOLD... Read a painting comment below...

      Birdsaw Island is about one mile southeast by boat from Noland’s Ferry in Frederick County, Maryland. To see the island the way it was painted, a person would paddle through “Noland’s Cut” then immediately face southeast.
     Some days on the river my friend Bob and I would not go exploring. We would either go to our favorite island to have a cook out and play chess or we would look for other islands that might be well suited for that purpose. Going downstream to Birdsaw Island from Noland’s Cut is a fast and easy paddle but the trip back, full of food and drink against strong current, doesn't make this a relaxing trip.
     Inconvenience is the way the Potomac River defends itself against our influence, and anyone who loves the river accepts that fact and wouldn't change it. The further away from civilization the river flows the more pristine it is and being a part of that is the reward for any explorer's effort. Birdsaw Island is just one of the many treasures that the Potomac River protects.