Lithographs and  Lithographic Cards

      All of the lithographic materials mentioned below were printed by Schneidereith & Sons, fine printing since 1848, in Baltimore, Maryland. For over 25 years they have printed the lithographic materials for both the National Gallery of Art and the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC.  The lithographic materials mentioned are printed on the same fine archival papers.

      TWENTY LITHOGRAPHIC CARDS depicting these paintings are available in a set.  The folded size of each card is 5 by 7 inches and they are all suitable for framing.  The image of each painting is printed on the front while a comment about that painting is printed on the reverse side.  The cards are blank inside so they may be used and reused for any reason.  Twenty envelopes and archival paper inserts for writing messages are also included.  To view the paintings on these cards please click... Prints and click the thumbnails on that page.  To read the comment on each card please scroll down from the image.

     TWO LARGE LITHOGRAPHS of the paintings below are also available.  Click the images for enlargements and for more information:

  Endgame by Davis W. Morton Birdsaw Island by Davis Morton  

      A limited number of Giclee reproductions of some of my paintings are also available.  Please contact me for more information about pricing and availability... or call (410) 437-6897

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